Taking on the Rapids

It used to be that couples settled down after marriage, and they often found domestic tasks to do together. Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and weeding the garden were acceptable ways for a couple to share their time off work. They would go out with friends for dinner and a movie, or they would invite people over to their house for dinner and an evening of cards. Modern couples still do these things, but they tend to be a bit more active in their hobbies and pursuits. Some of them love to get out their kayaks and start running the river just as the sun climbs into the sky, and they look forward to sharing the experience.

A Day Trip

Going for a paddle on the river is a fun way to get active together, and couples have found there are many components to it they can enjoy. Packing a lunch along with their kayaks as soon as they finish breakfast can be the start of a day trip that will be loads of fun, and they will have their favorite spot for a good launch. After that, fighting the current upstream will be their first battle of the day. They will celebrate it with a lazy meal break on the bank somewhere upstream, and then they will have the fun of coasting back down to their vehicle as the afternoon wears on.

Taking on the Rapids

Some couples love the work it takes to paddle upstream, but they get most of their enjoyment as they talk companionably while floating back down with the current. They are not necessarily looking for adventure, but they enjoy the feeling of a good workout. Their day is made better by being able to chat without too much noise or interruption. For those who crave a bit of adventure in their lives, taking on the rapids is a completely different matter. They will move fast and paddle hard as they fight to stay afloat through the rushing water, and their time to talk will be after they have survived it. The excitement is what they share, and their talk will come after they have regained their normal breath.

New Adventures

There are now clubs and riverside outfitters that offer couples plenty of whatever they seek on the river, and couples with an interest in kayaking can find adventure or companionship in groups. Some places specialize in helping them through dangerous rapids for an adventurous ride, and other businesses offer tours that last for several days. Camping out together at night could be a way for the couple to get closer, and the excitement of even a small rapid run could give them great memories to take home.

Remaining active has become important in today’s societies, and couples have found there are many sports they can share. Running the river in a kayak is one where they can choose the type of adventure they will have, and it can range from quiet and quaint to the thrill of their lives as they navigate the white water lying in their path.